Unfortunately our N. Eldridge location is the only center that cares for infants.

Our infant educators know that more than anything else, your little one needs to be loved. And because your child’s caregiver knows how difficult it is for you to entrust you baby to anyone else, she makes it a priority to build a strong relationship with you AND your baby. Our educators also understand how quickly your baby will grow and learn. She will talk to your baby on his eye level, describe his environment to him, read to him, and play games with him. He will be stimulated through music, exercise, facial and verbal mimicking and receive lots of love, tickles and hugs.

Safety and health are our top priorities. We have separate rooms for babies, one for young infants and the other for older infants who are beginning to walk. These rooms give the younger infants a protected environment and provides the older infants the freedom to explore and more opportunities for developmental activities.

We give each child love and attention and provide parents with daily reports on feedings, diapering, and napping. Healthy growth and development is top priority at Brentwood Children’s Academy. All our caregivers obtain First Aid and CPR training along with many hours of State required education to help ensure your child’s well being.


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