4-5 year olds

Our preschool program is designed in two formats. Our morning time is "School Time". We begin our day with the Pledge of Allegiance and a daily prayer. It is a morning of structure, routines, songs, worksheets and music. Our ABeka Christian curriculum is designed to offer children a lively academic program that provides an enjoyable educational foundation.

The program instills a desire to learn more and stimulate young children's imagination.

Each child has a set of beautifully illustrated, challenging and easy to use workbooks. The program and its correlated materials teach the preschoolers to sharpen their listening skills, follow directions, practice hand-eye coordination, learn number concepts, and recognize letter shapes and letter sounds. The Christian teaching comes in the wording of the workbooks as they learn to be kind, love God, share, obey, tell the truth and be helpers. The ABeka program has over 40 years of experience and is currently used in over 10,000 Christian schools around the world. It is one of the most popular Christian academic programs.

Understanding that children also learn by experiencing fun, creative learning experiences, our afternoon program provides just that. FUN. During the afternoon children will have center time, free play, music and movement, Character Building, story time and much, much more!

We work closely with schools to ensure that a smooth transition occurs when joining the Kindergarten crowd. Below are the "Program Goals" for the children in our Pre-K program. Generally, by the end of this level your child may be able to:

  • Recognize and write the formation of letters, blends and words
  • Writing of first name
  • Know and recognize consonant and vowel sounds
  • Reading of one-and two- vowel words
  • Simple counting 1-100
  • Understand number concepts 1-20
  • Number recognition 1-100
  • Numbers largest and smallest 1-20
  • Know bible verses, songs and lessons such as Creation, Noah, Boy Samuel, Daniel, the Good Samaritan and much more!


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